Rye Products

Rye Breads

A wide variety of different types of rye breads are available in the Nordic countries and the field is growing. Attention has been paid to health aspects, like low sodium content and high amounts of dietary fiber. In addition, new types of user-friendly breads have been developed. The flavor and the structure of rye bread are quite different from those of wheat bread, and they vary depending on flour type, other ingredients, the process, baking conditions and time, as well as the size and shape of the bread. Prebaked rye bread is also available to be used in bake-off facilities.

Other Rye Products

In the Nordic countries rye has been a widely used raw material for many other traditional foodstuffs besides bread. Rye porridge is traditionally made of rye flour, but nowadays also rye flakes are available for a good and tasty porridge. Rye groats and flakes are also available for baking and breakfast cereals. The rye in these products is flaked and precooked, and sometimes even extruded to increase crispiness and taste. A typical Finnish breakfast dish or dessert is rye-lingonberry or rye-blueberry porridge. Traditional baked rye berry pies still appeal to today's consumer.

The possibilities for developing and producing new tasty and healthy rye products are limitless. Rye is an excellent raw material for new types of functional foods. The Nordic cereal industry is enthusiastically taking advantage of the results of rye research and new technologies, and developing modern rye products for the market.

Today's busy consumers utilize more and more ready-to-eat -products. Home meal replacement is a major trend in the United States supermarket industry, and it is also emerging in Europe. Supermarkets try to find new ways to attract customers to buy value-added products from supermarkets instead of buying take-out-meals from restaurants. To meet this demand, rye processors could find new solutions by developing ready-to-eat rye sandwiches, puddings, salads with rice-rye, etc.